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PlugY - The Survival Kit (9.00)
Filename: plugysurvivekit.zip

Date Added:
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432.15 KB
Game version 1.09d or higher
Diablo 2 > Mods

Average User Rating: 7
Number of Votes: 125
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PlugY - The Survival Kit (9.00) - File Description  

Tech: 10
Balance: 9
Quality: 10
FunFactor: 9
Stability: 10
Creativity: 9
Size vs. Usefulness: 10
Installation Instructions: 10

Overall Rating: 9.6

big grin

Now, when you see the small filesize, you might be thinking, "Dang, this really doesn't do much does it?". This small file packs quite a significant punch however. Here's a list of what this mega mod does to the game:

-Enables the offline use of realm events, such as the Stone of Jordan timer and the Pandemonium Event. Yes, folks, now you don't have to go onto a realm to experience the power of the Pandemonium Event or the World Event. In case you don't know what these are, let me sum it up for you. In Hell difficulty, on the realms, you can kill the Summoner, the Countess, and Nihlathak to gain keys. You then cube these keys together to activate a portal which lead to beefed up versions of either Duriel, Andariel (known as Lilith) and Izual. You have to defeat Duriel, Lilith AND Izual (so at least 9 keys) and then cube what they drop to make a portal to the greatest battle you will ever face...a battle where you fight enhanced versions of Baal, Diablo, and Mephisto (each with new skills!). This is the Pandemonium Event.

The World Event, on the other hand, is a little bit different. In Hell, there is a countdown that says "X Stones of Jordans sold to merchants." When it reaches a certain amount, the Uber Diablo will walk the earth. Defeat him to get a powerful charm.

-Infinite stash storage space. So now you can store an infinite amount of items in your stash.

-Share Stash Space with other characters. You can share gold between characters as well.

-Ladder only runewords enabled. So, yes, you can get an Enigma in Singleplayer Roll Eyes (sarcastic)

-Can open the Cow Portal after a character has killed the Cow King. Wow. So, like, we can kill the Cow King as many times as we want? Sweeeeeeeeeet duuuuuuuuude.

-Reallocate skill points and stat points. Yes, this means that you can re-spec just like 1.13 is promising. Except you can do it with stat points as well.

-Change the game's language. Suppose you are Canadian and you get the English version of the game, but you can't understand it because it is in French. Nevermore, I say! With this, you can change the language that the game displays.

-Option to regenerate maps in singleplayer. Ever get tired of seeing the same old maps in Singleplayer? Nevermore, I say again! You have the option to automatically regenerate maps like in Battle.net.

-Display more stats on the character screen. This is a pretty mod-friendly feature. It allows you to display more stats on the character screen using a multi-page character screen. Pretty nifty.

-Much more - Run multiple instances, always display life/mana over the globes, display item level on items and so much more. You really gotta check this thing out.

Oh yes, this is also usable with other mods, it works with versions of the game from 1.09d to 1.12a, and it works in TCP/IP, but not battle.net, closed or open. All of the features in the mod can be toggled on or off using a .ini. So, for instance, if you don't like the idea of regenerating maps, just turn off the ability to regenerate maps. It's pretty cool.

Two Thumbs Up!


NOTE: The installer is written in German, so be careful.

PlugY - The Survival Kit (9.00) - Screenshots  
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PlugY - The Survival Kit (9.00) - File Download Options  

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PlugY - The Survival Kit (9.00) - Readme  
Readme File:
; ;
; "PlugY, The Survival Kit" ;
; ;
; by Yohann Nicolas ;
; ;
; version 9.00 ;
; ;

******** WARNING ********
- This plug-in works with LoD version 1.09 to 1.12 and mods based on.
- This plug-in doesn't work on realms (Battle.net or private).
- All files may be changed since previous version, so uninstall any previous version.
- Please, use a clean D2dfx.dll before report any crash on starting LoD.
- PlugY.ini has changed since previous version, use the one in this package.
- Don't forget to read the part named "COMMENTS ON THE CONFIGURATION FILE".
- Don't forget to read the PlugY forum at :

******** FEATURES ********
- Infinite storage space in the stash (up to 4,294,967,296 personal pages!)
- Shared storage space in the stash (up to 4,294,967,296 shared pages too!)
- Enabled the ladder only runewords out of realms.
- Local World Event and Uber Quest for singleplayer and multiplayer off-realm !
- Can open Cow Level Portal even when player have kill the Cow King in that difficulty.
- Unassign assigned skills and stats points.
- Change the selected language.
- Always regenerate maps in SinglePlayer like in MultiPlayer.
- Automatically execute /players X when you launch a new game.
- Added some pages for display more characters stats like %MF.
- Display item level in its popup.
- Launch any number of Diablo II games on the same computer.
- Increase the stash to 10x10 squares.
- Change the save path directory.
- Always display Mana and Life values above the globes.
- D2 can load all files, even those opened with Microsoft Excel (disabled by default).
- Display the stats current value (without magical bonus) like Magic/gold find or maximum resistances.
- PlugY is localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish.

v9.00 changes :
- PlugY works for 1.12 version of LoD too.
- Fix somes bugs.
- Add option for unassign skill for mods.

v8.00 changes :
- Easier installation : New installer.
- Can open Cow Level Portal even when player have kill the Cow King in that difficulty.
- Display the real version of LoD in the main screen. (v 1.09d or v 1.11b instead of v 1.09 or v 1.11)
- Add the possibility to move the unassign skills button like stash buttons. (for modders)
- Fix crash when meeting a superunique monsters in Lod v1.11.
- Fix skills points lost when unasssign them in mods with special skills.
- Multiplayer : Save stash files (with client's data like version before 5.00) when a deconnection or error happend during saving process.
- Remove the "check load memory failed" message when D2gfx.dll was patched.

v7.01b changes :
- Fix the ladder only runewords features in versions 1.11 and 1.10 of LoD.
- Fix wierd characters in some text.

v7.01 changes :
- Enabled the ladder only runewords out of realms.
- Fixed Uber Baal AI.
- Remove all param options set by default in PlugY.ini (like windowed mode).
- Display the stats current value (without magical bonus) even when stats unasisgnment are disabled.
- Add an executable to launch PlugY (no more LoD's files modified) (RECALL)
- Translation into spanish and polish.

v7.00 changes :
- PlugY works for 1.11b version of LoD too.
- Add an executable to launch PlugY (no more LoD's files modified)
- Add base value for each stat on assign buttons overtext.
- Fix infinity stat bugs during unassignation.
- Fix features which stayed enabled on Battle.net.
- Translation into italian.

v6.01b changes :
- Bug fix with the display of popup on stat assignment buttons.

v6.01 changes :
- Major fix : unique carry1 items don't disappear when they are cubbed in LoD 1.10
- Keys and Uber organs aren't destroyed when we try to open a Red Porpal out of Harrogath.
- Fix conflict with D2Mod for the version display.

v6.00 changes :
- PlugY works for 1.11 version of LoD too !
- Enabled Uber Quest off realm (LoD 1.11 only).
- Fixed crash on PlugY launch if LoD install isn't clean
- Fixed some minor bugs and added some minor improvements.
- Added command "/save" to save the game without exit (LoD 1.11 only).

v5.06 changes :
- Added buttons for shared gold.
- Enabled shared gold in multiplayer.
- Command "/DisplayLifeMana" is replaced by "/dlm".
- Fixed some bugs.

v5.05 changes :
- Fixed bad default color in interface stats.
- Added Shared gold via commands.
- Command "/DisplayLifeAndMana" is now "/DisplayLifeMana".
- Display green set item name in popup when it's in the shared stash.
- Fixed multiplayer bugs by redoing multiplayer procedure.

v5.04 changes :
- Fixed : Stat/Skill points per level-up bug.
- Fixed : Multiplayer bugs.
- PlugY/PlugYDefault.ini completed.

v5.03 changes :
- Fixed : Bug which sometimes swaps Hardcore and Softcore shared stash.
- Added color on extra stats page.
- Changed default values on extra stats page.
- Set EnabledTXTFilesWhenMSExcelOpenIt=1 in PlugY.ini file.

v5.02 changes :
- Fixed : Previous bug fix which caused items to disappear.

v5.01 changes :
- Fixed : Major bugs in stash management.
- Fixed : Set back PlugY.ini with ActiveLogFile=0 by default.
- Fixed : bug when shared stash is disabled.

v5.00 changes :
- PlugY works for 1.09, 1.09b, 1.09d versions of LoD, including mods based on these releases !
- PlugY can load D2Mod.dll.
- D2 can load all files, even those openned with Microsoft Excel.
- World Event monster can be changed.
- Some stuff for modders.
- Fixed : major bugs in Multiplayer : fingerprints reset, unidentified bugged items, etc.
- Fixed : Typo error in PlugY.ini (Commands).
- Fixed : No more case sensitive commands in game.
- Fixed : Select Main Stat page bug on opening
- Fixed : Replaced the display "Critical Strike/Deadly Strike" with Deadly Strike only.
- Fixed : The spawn of DiabloClone at starting of a new game
- Fixed : Some other small bugs.

v4.04 changes :
- Fixed : Display bug when statPerLevelUp enabled.
- Fixed : Bug in saving procedure when the disk is full.
- New configuration system for modders.
- Always display Mana and Life values above the globes.

v4.03 changes :
- Fixed : "carry 1" unique item (unique charm) when we drop the cube.
- Can go directly to first or last page of stash (shift + click on next/previous).
- Second index added (shift + click on index buttons)
- Added data to extra stats pages (2 pages now).
- Added previous page button in main stats page (only in 800x600).
- Moved buttons in extra stats pages to same place as in main stats page (only in 800x600).
- Can choose whether the main (first) page or the last selected page is displayed on opening the stats page.

v4.02b changes :
- Fixed : Features stay enabled in open Battle.net

v4.02 changes :
- Fixed : No more conflict with Battle.net (BigStash disabled on realms)
- Fixed : Missing "d" in "SeparateHardcoreStash=1" from PlugY.ini
- Fixed : By default in PlugY.ini, the language isn't changed.
- Fixed : Item level display enabled correctly for all configurations of PlugY.
- Added data in the extra stats page.

v4.01 changes :
- Fixed : NbPlayers always set to 8 when active.
- Added data in the extra stats page.

v4.00b changes :
- Fixed : MSVCR70.dll not found bug.

v4.00 changes :
- Better optimization of the code.
- Added some pages for displaying more characters stats like %MF.
- Change the selected language (and for mod, default and available language).
- Always regenerate maps in SinglePlayer like in MultiPlayer.
- Automatically execute /players X when you launch a new game.
- Display item level in its popup.
- Separate hardcore and softcore shared stash.
- Change installation method (can be installed directly on linux now)
- The item which triggers the World Event can be changed.
- Any number of "carry 1 item" (like annihilus) can be put in the stash.
- Fixed : Cannot put more than one "carry 1 item" in others page than stash.
- Fixed : display bug of socketed items in the stash.
- Fixed : removed space bug in PlugY.ini.
- Fixed : Diablo Clone can't spawn in normal and nightmare difficulty.
- Fixed : Destruction of extra minions after unassignment if you have +x bonus to the skill.

v3.02 changes :
- Fixed : Change the number of stats points gained when player gains a level.
- Fixed : When the shared stash is disabled, you can load a game with your character.
- Fixed : You can change parameters of World Event without activating skill per level up.

v3.01 changes :
- Change the number of stats points gained when player gains a level.
- Fixed bugs which give extra points when skills points are unassigned.
- Added parameters for the WorldEvent in configuration file.
- By default, World Event only SHOWS "X SOJ Sold" in hell difficulty.

v3.00 changes :
- Local World Event for singleplayer and multiplayer off-realm !
- Unassign assigned skills points.
- New background for the stash.
- Can change the filename of the shared savefile.
- Shared stash page number display are in red now.

v2.05 changes :
- major fix : bugs which cause D2 not to start are finally removed.

v2.04 changes :
- Unassign stats points, skills on level up are disabled when you connect to realm (like stash).
- Open a error message box instead of crash when PlugY.dll isn't found by D2.
- Fixed some bugs in installation method.
- Fixed bug display of buttons.
- Fixed win95/98/Me saving.

v2.03b changes :
- Show PlugY version only in main screen.

v2.03 changes :
- Major fix : Correct and secure the saving procedure.
- No more crash of the host game when a character is unable to enter the game.
- Unassign stats points button greyed when base stat is above 255 fixed.
- Change version printing on main screen (change color & PlugY version in right corner)
- Character without PlugY can join game host with PlugY enabled.

v2.02 changes :
- PlugY doesn't use D2win.dll to launch PlugY anymore.
- PlugY includes a patcher/unpatcher for editing D2gfx.dll to launch PlugY.
- PlugY can be launched by D2Mod system of SVR.
- The infinite storage sytem is automatically disabled on a realm game.
- Fixed index button bugs.

v2.01 changes :
- Fixed skill per level up bug
- Fixed bug display of text in the main menu

v2.00 changes :
- Localized in German.
- Change the number of Skills points gained when player gains a level.
- Launch any number of Diablo II game on the same computers.
- You can unassign Stats points.
- Added 2 buttons for jumping to index page.
- Print the current stash instead of Gold max. (Gold max value is a current Gold field popup)
- Complety re-done the configuration file.
- Configuration file can be put in mpq (like other PlugY images files)
- Increased compatibility with mods.
- Removed the TCP/IP crash.
- Removed page number bug when you switch between characters.
- Removed set item's bug display.
- Removed the bug of "carry 1"
- Add other small improvements... :)

v1.03 changes :
- Added French readme and ini files.
- Removed bugs in D2Classic game (there is no multipage, it's not a bug)
- Removed the bug when loading character from previous version.
(like ShadowMaster character or 1.09 or D2Classic character)
- Removed the bugged line in the text when you click on delete character.
* must read : You can start any mods without moving SAVES files
(you need to move dll files with classic script).

v1.02 changes :
- Re-changed name files due to an IE bug with colon in zip file.
- Ability to change the version text print in the main menu (see ini file).

v1.01 changes :
- Localized for french version (wait for an french readme.txt)
- Changed filename from "PlugY, The Survival Kit.ini" to "PlugY,The_Survival_Kit".
- Added example for installation in the readme.
- Detection of bad installation on starting plugY.
- Removed from the ini default file the [GENERAL]PlugYDirectory=PlugY
(you can add it if you want but need to know what are you doing...)
- Released in .zip file instead of .rar

v1.00 features (can all be easily enabled or disabled) :
- You can change the save path directory.
- You can start any mods without moving saves files.
- You can increase the stash to 10x10 squares.
- Up to 4,294,967,296 pages in the stash (e.g. infinite storage space) !
note : for LOD1.10 character only.
- Any of these pages can be shared by all of your characters!

******** CONTENTS ********
19 files, 1 folder :
- PlugY_The_Survival_Kit_-_Readme.txt
- PlugY_The_Survival_Kit_-_LisezMoi.txt
- PlugY_The_Survival_Kit_-_Liesmich.txt
- PlugY.exe
- PlugY.dll (in Diablo II directory)
- PlugY.ini
- PlugYPlugYFixed.ini
- PlugYPlugYDefault.ini
- PlugYEmptyPage.dc6
- PlugYSharedGoldBtns.dc6
- PlugYStashBtns.dc6
- PlugYTradeStash.dc6
- PlugYStatsBackground.dc6
- PlugYUnassignSkillsBtns.dc6
- PlugYUnassignStatsBtns.dc6
- PlugYstatsinterface.txt
- PlugY Uninstaller.exe (with uninstaller option)
- PatchD2gfxDll.exe (in Diablo II directory with Patcher D2gfxDll option)
- RestoreD2gfxDll.exe (in Diablo II directory with Patcher D2gfxDll option)

******** INSTALLATION ********
- The officials sites are :

Normal Installation :
- Follow directive installer.

note : You can choice "Diablo II" directory as install directory.

Installation in another mod:
- Copy PlugY.ini, PlugY.exe and PlugY folder (+its contents) in the targeted mod folder.
- Edit PlugY.ini to configure some features (see section below).
- Run PlugY.exe and enjoy :)

note : you can move the "PlugY" folder in "Diablo II" and it will be see by all PlugY installation.

Example :
You have installed Lord of Destruction here : C:GamesDiablo II
And the mod to add this plug-in is here : D:D2ModMyMod
And the second mod to add this plug-in is here : D:D2ModMyMod2
So the new installation is :
C:GamesDiablo IIPlugY.dll

Uninstallation : Use the uninstaller or if you have check this option, simply remove all PlugY files !
Note : You can also move PlugY.dll in the mod folder but you must remove any on in D2 folder.
Note : PlugY directory and its contents can be put in a mpq.

------- D2gfx Patcher :

If you have problem when you run PlugY.exe then use PatchD2gfxDll.exe. (It happend sometimes with Windows 2000)
- Go in Diablo II directory.
- Do a backup of D2gfx.dll (in the case, you remove PlugY before restore it)
- Run PatchD2gfxDll.exe (which patches D2gfx.dll for launch PlugY)
- Create a shortcut : Enter target mod directory in "start in" field of properties->shortcut. (unless you install PlugY in Diablo II directory)
- Launch with the shorcut !!

Before uninstall PlugY Restore your D2gfx.dll with your backup file or run RestoreD2gfxDll.exe.

******************** FAQ ******************

=> I can't find the PlugY.ini file, where is it ?
>From kingpin :
Microsoft has in their OS hidden known extensions. This is to make sure newbie
users do not delete those files by accident. You can, of course, turn this off by
opening up your Windows Explorer, selecting Tools->Folder Options. Then choose View and
mark "Show Hidden files and Folders". Unmark "Hide extensions for know file types".
Then you will for sure see the ini file.

=> How do I Play sometimes on Battle.net when PlugY is installed ?
PlugY automatically disables features on realm.
But it's always recommended to disable any third software when you go on realm.
Note : When bigStash is enabled, you must restart D2 for play in single/multi/open after playing in closed Bnet (and vice versa).
Tips : Make a shorcut and add -skiptobnet at the of the "target" field for directly go to Battle.net.

=> What do I do if I have an error like "Bad Generic File" on loading a new Character ?
This can appear when you have bad item in the shared stash file.
A possible cause is to use same save folder for different mod, in this case just change the save folder in PlugY.ini.
You can also move the _LOD_SharedStashSave.sss and _LOD_HC_SharedStashSave.sss to another directory.

=> I get "sUnitItemInsertItemInvGridBase failed at 1046 in C:projectsD2headDiablo2SourceD2ClientUNITItem.cpp" in D2YYMMDD.txt, what I should do ?
It's just a warning, don't worry about it, it causes no problem in game.

=> I have another bug, what should I do ?
1) Read my thread and post a question eventually in PhrozenKeep member annoucement forum.

2) Search on google, ask to your friend, etc but don't ask me, I have no more time to support PlugY.
If one day, I got enough time (like for the version 8.00) I will check forums to get the more commons problems.


******** CONFIGURATION ********

Configuration of this kit for a specified mod :
- Copy the PlugY.ini and PlugY.exe in the target mod directory (the directory where you start it, see it in the properties of the shortcut).
- In most cases, you will change the save directory in the ini file.
- Add all extra dll of the mod in PlugY.ini, if any.
- Finally, activate any specific features you want such as MultiPageStash, SharedStash, etc.
- Now, you can start the target mod using the classic method.

D2Mod configuration :
Just add the dll name in PlugY.ini, for example : "DllToLoad=D2Mod.dll"

- Items in the Cube are always saved on the player, if you want these items shared, you must remove them from the Cube.

Warning :
- Be careful if you want to edit the configurations files after having played with the mod.
- In multiplayer game, verify that the server has the same configuration.
- Remember : PlugY doesn't support realms.

*** Configuration for modders ***
There are 3 files with same structure to configure PlugY :
- "PlugY/PlugYFixed.ini" in mpq or via the switch -direct
All fields set parameters which can't be changed by users via PlugY.ini.
Use it for enabling(disabling) wanted(unwanted) features.
Only few thing should be found here.
Warning 1: ActivePlugin=0 doesn't work here (but ActivePlugin=1 works)
Warning 2: SavePath management doesn't work here too.
Warning 3: Don't abuse it, a lot of field should be set by users. (see note below)

- "PlugY/PlugYDefault.ini" in mpq or via the switch -direct
Use it for changing default values of PlugY.
Works like PlugY.ini in an mpq in version 4.03 and before.
All fields which aren't in PlugYFixed.ini (and are always readed) should be here.
Most fields should be put here.

- "PlugY.ini" in current directory only.
For users' configuration (like previous version).
Fields which are in PlugYFixed.ini shouldn't be found here.
In most cases, this file is the same as PlugYDefault.ini but it can be edited by user.

Think about each features if you really must disable it.
- The savepath management doesn't work in Fixed.ini (it's users' choice where they want to put their save files)
- The unassignment of skills can really be useful way to learn all your custom skills. I have stopped playing some mods just because I don't know what skill will be useful at very high level. It's more fun to try all skills and do the choosing after that. So don't put it in Fixed.ini
- The World Event should be configured or disabled in Fixed.ini in each mod.
- The extra pages in stats interfaces shouldn't be put in Fixed.ini

Modders can contact me, if they want help or more details about this system.

WARNING : Don't forget, if it's misused, players will use old version of PlugY, and I will have no other choice than to disable it.


All Default values mean, if you remove the line, PlugY will use this value.
The values in PlugY.ini (included in the zip) are an example of configuration, not default values.

This section store info for PlugY.exe and don't work in PlugYDefault.ini and PlugYFixed.ini files.

Add params to transmit to LoD on his command line.
Params give to PlugY.exe are also transmitted to LoD on his command line.
By default no param are trasmited.
Most common switch are (without quote) :
"-w" open LoD in windowed form.
"-direct" use files in directory instead of those in mpq.
"-txt" recompile txt files before launch a game.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
Param= {-direct -txt -w: these 3 commands are passed on the command line}

Select the library to load.
The current directory are the one used by D2 (like set the "start in" field of a shorcut).
If no library specify, it load LoD without PlugY.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
Library= {PlugY.dll: Load PlugY.dll}

Enable or disable all selected features.
Dlls from field "DllToLoad" aren't loaded anymore when ActivePlugin=0.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActivePlugin=0 {0:Don't load any features; 1:Plugin enabled}

Create a log file "PlugY.log" in the current directory.
This feature can slow down your game.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveLogFile=0 {0:No information is written while playing; 1:Always enabled}

Load dll of a specific mod for used PlugY in same time.
Separate each dll file name by the character pipe (|)
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- DllToLoad= {(empty): load nothing; D2extra.dll|myDll.dll: Load both D2extra.dll and myDll.dll}
- DllToLoad2= {(empty): Same as DlltoLoad}

Activate a new command in PlugY. In parenthesis is the condition to be able to use the command.
"/dlm" toggle the state of AlwaysDisplayLifeAndManaValues (AlwaysDisplayLifeAndManaValues>0)
"/page x" Go to the page x in the extra stats page.
"/save" Save the game without exit (LoD 1.11 and 1.11b only).
- ActiveCommands=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Quit D2, if PlugY failed to installed all features.
Disable it only if you know what you do.
- ActiveCheckMemory=1

Activate hidden or not-finished feature. (don't use it)
- ActiveAllOthersFeatures=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Change the selected language.
You must have files of the selected language.
All D2/LoD versions contain the english language (except voices).
- ActiveChangeLanguage=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- SelectedLanguage=ENG {FRA: Select French as language}

For modders who want to restrict the available languages and the default language :
- ActiveLanguageManagement=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- DefaultLanguage=ENG {empty:D2 default language; FRA:French is the default language}

This is where all of your characters and the shared stash is saved.
You can use absolute or relative paths.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveSavePathChange=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled, you must set "SavePath"}
- SavePath=Save {SaveMyMod or D:Save Gamesdiablo IICurrent Mod}

Change the version text in the main menu (first menu)(instead of "v 1.10")
Color is an integer which refers to defined D2 colors.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveVersionTextChange=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- VersionText= {Empty: Display the current version of LoD with the subversion letter (1.11b, 1.09d) ; Mod Name:Text with maximum length of 23 characters (ex : v 1.11b)}
- ColorOfVersionText=0 {0:white; 1:red; 4:gold; etc.}
- ActivePrintPlugYVersion=1 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled)
- ColorOfPlugYVersion=4 {0:white; 1:red; 4:gold; etc.}

Increase the stash to 10x10 squares.
Use PlugYTradeStash.dc6 to change the background image.
When bigStash is enabled, you must restart D2 for play in single/multi/open when you have started a game in closed Bnet previously (and vice versa).
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveBigStash=0 {0:Default stash size is used; 1: Enabled, Stash uses 10x10 squared}

Use this for sharing and keep all of your items. :)
There are 2 multipage stashes :
- one Personal, only seen by the Player;
- one Shared between your Players in this mod.
Use the Toggle Button to switch between stash.
Use arrow buttons on bottom the stash (and shift key) for switching between the pages.
Definition : The last page is the last page with an item in it.
The multipage stashes are inactive for Diablo II Classic Character and on realm.
You can change the name of the shared filename.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveMultiPageStash=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- NbPagesPerIndex=10 {10: Index page is 1,10,20,30,...,max}
- NbPagesPerIndex2=100 {100: Index page (+shift) is 1,50,100,150,...,max}
- MaxPersonnalPages=0 {0:Infinite number of personnal pages; 1000: Maximum of 1000 shared pages}
- ActiveSharedStash=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled if ActiveMultiPageStash=1}
- SeparateHardcoreStash=1 {0:Same shared stash for HC and SC; 1:Use 2 differents stashes}
- SharedStashFilename=SharedStashSave {xxx: The filename will be "_LOD_xxx.sss"}
- displaySharedSetItemNameInGreen=1 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled, set items in stash are their name displayed in green on other sets items.}
- MaxSharedPages=0 {0:Infinite number of shared pages; 5000: Maximum of 5000 shared pages}
- ActiveSharedGold=1 {0:Disabled; 1:Use command to put and take gold (see command section)}
- PosXPreviousBtn=-1 {-1: Default position, 50: Put the button at the position 50 in absiss}
Same for PosYPreviousBtn, PosXNextBtn, PosYNextBtn, PosXSharedBtn, PosYSharedBtn, PosXPreviousIndexBtn, PosYPreviousIndexBtn, PosXNextIndexBtn, PosYNextIndexBtn, PosXPutGoldBtn, PosYPutGoldBtn, PosXTakeGoldBtn, PosYTakeGoldBtn.

Use for repairing a bad stat point assignment.
For example, 30 points in energy for a barbarian!
On the character stat page, press selected key and click on minus button.
Select a key by setting KeyUsed (should choose 17 or 18).
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveStatsUnassignment=0 {0:Disabled 1:Enabled, press selected key when clicking}
- KeyUsed=18 {17:Control key selected; 18:Alt key selected}

Use the shift buton for assigning/unassigning all possible points in one click.
You can define a limit value for points assigned/unassigned with shift.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveShiftClickLimit=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- LimitValueToShiftClick=5 (10:Assign or unassign stats points, 10 by 10}

Change the number of Stats Points you receive when your character gains a level.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveStatPerLevelUp=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- StatPerLevelUp=5 {0:no points win; 11:eleven points win}

Use for repairing a bad skill point assignment.
Click on the button on skill page for unassigning all assigned skills points.
Note : It verifies the real cost of each skill (can be greater than 1 in mod)
Warning : There are few place where you can put this button without bugs.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveSkillsUnassignment=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- ActiveSkillsUnassignmentOneForOne=0 {0:Normal; 1:Force the skill unassign 1 for 1 (for mods).}
- PosXUnassignSkillBtn=-1 {-1: Default position, 50: Put the button at the position 50 in X}
- PosYUnassignSkillBtn=-1 {-1: Default position, 50: Put the button at the position 50 in Y}

Change the number of Skills Points you receive when your character gains a level.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveSkillPerLevelUp=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- SkillPerLevelUp=1 {0:no point gained; 3:three points gained)

Activate the World Event in local game.
World Event only triggers in hell difficulty and only one time per game.
If the WE triggers when you aren't in the game, you lose it.
From the moment you launch D2, the next WE will trigger between few seconds to 41:40 hours after.
Keep in mind before editing it, World Event should be triggered rarely.
The item to sell can be changed, the value expected is same as the cube input field.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveWorldEvent=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- ShowCounterInAllDifficulty=0 {0:Show it "SOJ Sold" message only in Hell; 1:Show it in all difficulties}
- ItemsToSell=The Stone of Jordan {r01: rune EL; cap,rar,upg: Any cap/war hat/shako rare}
- MonsterID=333 {333: DiabloClone spawned}
- OwnSOJSoldChargeFor=100 {100:When you sell a SOJ, the SOJ counter is incremented by 100}
- InititalSOJSoldMin=200 {200:The SOJ counter is set at least to 20 when you launch D2}
- InititalSOJSoldMax=3000 {3000:The SOJ counter is set at most to 300 when you launch D2}
- TriggerAtEachSOJSoldMin=75 {75:Need to have at least 75 SOJ sold between 2 World Event}
- TriggerAtEachSOJSoldMax=125 {125:Need to have at most 125 SOJ sold between 2 World Event}
- ActiveAutoSell=1 {0:Disabled; 1:SOJ counter is automatically incremented by 1}
- TimeBeforeAutoSellMin=0 {50:Need at least 50 seconds between 2 auto-increments}
- TimeBeforeAutoSellMin=1200 {1200:Need at most 20 minutes (1200 seconds) between 2 auto-increments}

Activate the Uber Quest in local.
It works only in Hell.
You must cube the 3 keys then the 3 organs in Harrogath.
Note : This quest will be updated more later to be more similar with the one on realm.
ActiveUberQuest=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Add extra page for displaying some stats.
Can choose if the main (first) page or the last selected page is displayed on opening the stats page.
You can change the the stats displayed via the PlugYstatsinterface.txt file (open it with MS Excel).
There is no max page limit.
Can choose whether to display the background of buttons (Use when a mod already changes background).
- ActiveNewStatsInterface=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}
- SelectMainPageOnOpenning=1 {0:Last selected page displayed; 1:Main page displayed}
- PrintButtonsBackgroundOnMainStatsPage=1 {0:Don't display the background; 1:display it}

You can run any number of Diablo II games on one computer.
For example, modder can test multiplayer game for their mod.
To start the second game, you must start it with "game.exe" and not "Diablo II.exe".
Warning : Don't start games with the same savepath when you use the Shared Stash.
Don't use the same character in same time.
Following are default values, between {} are some examples values with descriptions :
- ActiveLaunchAnyNumberOfLOD=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Regenerate the map each time you re-start a game (like in multiplayer).
- AlwaysRegenMapInSP=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Set the number of players (like /players x) each time you start a game.
- NBPlayersByDefault=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Set the game to 1 player (normal); 8:Set the game to emulate 8 players (maximum)}

Show the level of each item in their popup.
- ActiveDisplayItemLevel=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Always display Mana and Life values above the globes.
- AlwaysDisplayLifeAndManaValues=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled; 2:Disabled but can be enabled by command}

Fix the bug which blocks the opening of txt files when they are opened by Miscrosoft Excel.
- EnabledTXTFilesWhenMSExcelOpenIt=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Display the stats current value (without magical bonus) when mouse pass over assignment buttons.
- ActiveDisplayBaseStatsValue=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Enabled the ladder only runewords out of realms.
This is done by setting to 0 the column "server" in runes.txt file.
So don't use this column in your mod with this funcion enabled !
- ActiveLadderRunewords=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

Enabled the ability to open the Cow Portal in a difficulty where the player have already killed the Cow King.
- ActiveCowPortalWhenCowKingWasKilled=0 {0:Disabled; 1:Enabled}

More features later... :)

This is my email : ynicolas@worldonline.fr.
But I don't support PlugY anymore so don't hope any help from me if you have problems. Instead go on forums...

PS : Sorry for english faults ;)

******** THANKS TO ********
- Blizzard for making Diablo2 and Lord of Destruction.
- Kingpin, Afj666, Joel, SVR, Myrdinn for their great help.
- Pralinor fo his help in the convertion to 1.12.
- ChaosEnergy for testing and his translation in German.
- Char & Darque in the correction of my english.
- Shaitane, K&V, themastercaster, raspa and onyx for testing.
- Golvmopp, Dark Spot in the Corner, Megalixir and Athara for their help.
- ItalianPlayer for italian translation.
- All members of ProzenKeep chat and forums for their information and feedback.
- PhrozenKeep team for all stuff they shared for us (including mine ;)
- Translation :
* English : Yohann, Jurica.
* French : Yohann
* German : ChaosEnergy, TheMasterCaster.
* Italian : ItalianPlayer
* Spanish : Acrerune
* Polish : Serdel

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 #1 - 01-31-2010 at 13:36
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Am I able to use this on single player and then switch to battle.net if I don't want to use the mod, or do I have to reinstall LoD completely after using this mod?

 #2 - 07-02-2010 at 15:44
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PLEASE MAKE THIS WORK FOR VERSION 1.13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Aaargh!!!Cry

 #3 - http://www.worldlaughtertour.com/audio/index.html - 10-05-2013 at 06:41
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Yet the modern day GOP is usually ate past antiestablhment fervor.

 #5 - http://www.associatedspeech.com/js/index.html - 10-07-2013 at 16:31
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